Hubspot started as a SAAS marketing tool. However, as an all-in-one solution, it makes sense to also want to have your entire website hosted within Hubspot. Luckily, Hubspot agreed and spent the last few years improving their CMS to the point where it is now chalk full of features and options that make building your next website on Hubspot enticing. Here are some of the top things too look forward to if you’re considering making the move.

Responsive Design Out-Of-The-Box

Hubspot is built on a basic framework of Bootstrap 2.0, meaning that it incorporates responsive framework and design into ALL of it’s templates. That means that regardless of how you design your page within Hubspot’s handy Design Manager (more on that later), it will automatically be responsive for tablet and mobile devices.

Easy Page Creation and Editing

Inside of Hubspot’s Design Manager, you can visually build new templates with preset modules and settings. Anyone can click, drag and/or drop to create pages with different modules, layouts, and options – no coding required! Hubspot also allows you to create multiple pages off of one template so that if you need to make a change to the core template, it’ll update across multiple pages, which saves you time.

This is what the Template Builder, with drag-and-drop ability, looks like:


In addition, Hubspot’s new visual editor allows you to see your page exactly as it will appear while you are editing. Developers can also leverage Hubspot’s unique Hubl landguage to create custom labels and options and allow for more user-friendly and streamlined editing. Example:


Contextual Marketing

Hubspot provides a built-in solution to allow you to tailor your content to specific target buyers or personas with Smart Content. For instance, if one of your targets was a millennial, you could re-purpose the content for them on any page of your website to better engage them and drive them to the areas of the site that would fit them best (NOTE – This feature is not available in Hubspot Basic).

This could be triggered by location, information they’ve given you in the past, or an email campaign they responded to:


Hubspot can also provide you with suggestions right in the editor!


This is something that most CMS’ do not offer, so if you want to dynamically tailor your content to your customers, Hubspot websites makes it both easy and accessible.

Streamlined Marketing Tools With Your Website

It can’t be overstated that having all of your marketing tools (Email marketing, SEO Basics, Keyword Data, Social Media Marketing, Contacts Database, Forms, etc) integrated into one place with your website makes your marketing department’s job much easier. This means you can track a single customer interaction with your brand across multiple touch points and chart a timeline of their actions across all of your marketing mediums. Example:


I don’t need to tell you how powerful that kind of intelligence can be when formulating and adapting your marketing and sales strategy. Considering that the website is really the key focal point in most digital marketing efforts (i.e. your driving traffic to it from multiple mediums like email, social, ads, etc), it would make sense to have your website on the same platform as your all-in-one marketing tool.

Hubspot Template Marketplace and Community

One of the great things about being on Hubspot is the community of like-minded marketers and support that you can find as a Hubspot Customer. The free training materials, certifications, Hubspot Support, and knowledgeable partners is vast and continually growing. One area in particular that is growing is the Hubspot Template Marketplace, which provides beautifully designed templates at more affordable solutions.


Our company has joined in offering our own products and we are very excited about the future of design, website template and productivity solutions that will be available on the Hubspot Marketplace in the future. So if you’re worried about finding affordable solutions and support on Hubspot once you’re a customer, don’t be!

Making The Right Long-Term Decision

Making a decision on how to spend your budget for your website redesign/update is definitely a big one. The resources and timing are critical and you likely won’t be able to budget the resources for another redesign for a few years. So getting this right, now, is very important to both your marketing efforts and the future sales of your company. That’s why making the decision to build your website on Hubspot is the best long-term decision. The value that you get for the price is unmatched on any CMS, which allows you to build beautiful, responsive designs on a secure platform that works hand-in-hand with all your digital marketing efforts. That, is making the right long-term decision for your next website.