Upgrading Your Sales Operation

Initial Setup & Onboarding

Track emails, automate meetings, record outbound prospecting calls, and note all rep activities effortlessly in one system.

Data Customized To Your Business

Import, create, organize, and group custom properties in HubSpot CRM. We then tailor them to your specific data, process, and business needs.

Automated Sales

Setup custom workflow automation to ensure that leads, tasks, and email notifications are properly assigned and automated.

No More Spreadsheets

Never use a spreadsheet again to find data on all of your customer and company contacts. HubSpot CRM holds it all in one place.

Better Reporting

Custom dashboards and reports so your management team can easily forecast sales, track goals and address roadblocks in your process.

On-Going Training & Support

We provide 1-to-1 training with your Sales Managers, BDR’s and Reps to ensure compliance, comfort, and utilization of your CRM investment.
HubSpot All-In-One System!

What Is HubSpot CRM?

Organize Your Sales Team with One Tool Built for the Future.

Get notified the moment a lead opens your email, track every interaction automatically, and organizes all your activities in one place with HubSpot CRM & Sales software.


Is My Data Secure?

YES. HubSpot Smart CRM now features HIPAA compliant data protection.

HubSpot CRM can securely store your sensitive data with added layers of security to tailor your communications and minimize any future business disruptions. Stickler for the details? Read HubSpot's TERMS by clicking below!

HubSpot All-In-One System Hubs2

More Than Sales

Go Beyond Sales and Connect Seamlessly with Marketing in HubSpot's All-In-One System

Did you know that HubSpot CRM is a part of a larger ecosystem that can connect all your data as one source of truth across Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service/Success? Learn more from this basic slide deck of how they all work together.



Our Process


1. Kick-Off

We will gather all the info we need and put our heads together to start planning for your a successful integration that is tailored to your Sales Process.

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This stage can include:

  1. Meet our team! 
  2. Setting Up Sales Seats
  3. Finalizing HubSpot Sales CRM Purchase
  4. Collecting Information From Your Team
  5. Setting up Weekly Meeting Time
  6. Establish Timeline For Project Delivery

2. Assessment & Review

Let's go over all the things that make your Sales Process unique and find the best way to create a dependable, repeatable, and reportable process for your business.

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This stage can include:

  1. Sales Manager/Director Collaboration & Discussion
  2. Establishing Goals & Reports Needed
  3. Setting up rules and process for Sales Reps
  4. Learning Your Sales Process
  5. Discussing how to best set up and translate to a repeatable, reportable system process in HubSpot CRM.

3. Data Clean-Up & Import

Now that we know how to tackle this integration, we need to gather, clean, and import all your customer data into HubSpot.

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This stage can include:

  1. Importing Your Contacts
  2. Setting up Custom Properties
  3. Setting up Custom Deal Pipelines
  4. Setting up Custom Deal Views
  5. Establishing Smart Goals and Triggers for Automation

4. System Setup, Testing & Demo

Let's build out your HubSpot portal to work for you and your Sales Team! We'll get it set up, tested, and then demo the results for you.

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This stage can include:

  1. Implementing Items from Discovery & Setup
  2. Weekly Check-ins with Sales Director/Manager on Progress
  3. Ensuring everything works as scoped
  4. Demo new process and system for Sales Manager/Director and any other key stakeholders in your organization.

5. Sales Rep Setup & Onboarding

It's time to educate, train and assist your Sales Reps to get them ready to use the new system. Let's plan a launch date and go!

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This stage can include:

  1. Making sure each rep has login access and understands how to navigate the CRM
  2. Email Tracking Setup (Gmail or Office 365)
  3. Rep Meeting Calendar Sync & Setup (Google of Office 365)
  4. Outbound Call Recording Setup & Training
  5. System Monitoring & Live Support on Launch Day

6. Ongoing Optimization & Support

We did it! Your sales process is launched! But don't fear, we include and provide several options to continue supporting, optimizing, and assisting your team.

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This stage can include:

  1. Onboarding new sales reps to the system
  2. Ongoing data cleanup and optimization to safeguard our system and ensure HubSpot CRM remains an accurate source of truth.
  3. Running New Reports or Dashboards.
  4. Pipeline, Property, and Sales Activity Tweaking
  5. Ensuring that both the Marketing and Customer Service departments are aligned with your new sales process and exactly how we’re using HubSpot CRM for your team.

Certified HubSpot Partner

As a certified Platinum HubSpot Partner, we have the experience, people, and skills to set your team up for success on HubSpot CRM


Hear From Our Clients


Highly Recommend CRM Support

"Our experience with BeginBound has been overwhelmingly positive. Jesse and his team are experts in CRM and have become an integral part of our team. They have taken the time to understand our evolving sales initiatives and developed processes that align with our goals. In particular, they spearheaded our CRM migration from Salesforce, consolidation to a single sales team and alignment between departments (sales, customer success and support). Further, we initially intended to work with them on a defined scope, but have since extended our contract given the value they bring. I highly recommend."

Teddy P.
Sales Director | Wholesale & SaaS Industries

David Barnard - HubSpot CRM BeginBound Testimonial

Hubspot CRM Experts

“We needed ongoing support from certified professionals in HubSpot CMS and Sales CRM. Begin Bound tailored their services to provide us with exactly what we needed. I’d highly recommend them to any business on HubSpot looking to set their business up with a smart website and valuable sales tools.”

David Barnard
Owner & CEO, Industrial Shredders